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Faculty guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Repositories & Reviews

This guide is designed to help TCC faculty find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instruction.

OER search engines

If you're not sure where to begin looking for OER in your field, the two OER search engines below are great places to start!

OASIS OER search tool

Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS) is a search tool that aims to make the discovery of open content easier. OASIS, developed by SUNY, currently searches open content from 61 different major OER repositories and includes textbooks, courses, audiobooks, videos, books, and more.

Mason OER Metafinder 

The Mason OER Metafinder searches seventeen major OER repositories in real-time, instantly returning the top several hundred or so most relevant hits from each site. It is maintained by George Mason University.

Search: Mason OER Metafinder (MOM)

Free OER Repositories, Search Engines & Courses

OER Reviews

  1. Go to the Open Textbook library by clicking on the link below.
  2. Click the subject you're interested in on the left menu.
  3. Scroll through the titles listed there. Some have reviews and some do not. Reviews are extremely thorough.
  4. Reviewers list their name, title, and institution.
  1. Go to the BC Campus: Find Open Texbooks reviews by clicking on the first link below.
  2. Click on the subject you're interested in on the right to get a list of titles.
  3. Select a title and scroll down to see a review, if available. Note that not all textbooks have reviews.
  4. OR, click on the second link below to see a list of ALL of the reviewed Open Textbooks, which are listed alphabetically by title.
  1. Choose a discipline (example: Communication Studies)
  2. Then choose a course (example:  COMM 110 - Public Speaking)
  3. If there resources, they will populate below the course.
  4. If there reviews -- "Accessibility Evaluations" and "Quality Evaluations" -- then they will be linked in the "Faculty Generated Resources" column
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Public domain repositories

Low-Cost OER Repositories

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