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TCC Library: Library policies & conduct

Library policies

Library policies & conduct

The TCC Library strives to ensure that our library is a welcoming teaching and learning space for all TCC students. The policies below are effective January 2014 (updated 2018) and have been established by your ASTCC and TCC Library.

Policy: Food and drink

Food & drink

  • Light snacks are allowed anywhere in the library, except in the Silent Study room.
  • Meals and messier foods are allowed only in the lobby.  
  • No food of any kind is allowed in the Silent Study room.
  • Covered drinks are allowed.

Policy: Computer use & guest access

Acceptable computer use

All computer/wireless use must comply with the TCC Acceptable Use policy (linked below), that includes:

  • “Games and Internet-based entertainment applications (music, video, or other) are not appropriate uses of college systems” (#6).
  • Students who need the Library computers/wireless for school-related work are given priority.

Community user/Guest use:

The library space is open to the general public.

  • Computer use is prioritized for student-use and only open to the public after 2pm (see Front Desk staff for access).
  • There is a "Titan Public" wifi network that can be used by guest/public patron
  • Printing services/prices are the same for the public; however, cash is required to pay for print jobs (see "Computer use & printing" for more info) 
  • Community users can check out books after paying for a library card which allows then to check out up to five items at a time. 
    • The cost is $5 per quarter, or $20 per year. The guest library card is set up at the Front Desk. It does not give guests to access to computers; however, as mentioned in the section above, visitors can go to the circulation desk to get a temporary guest log in after 2pm to access the computers/databases.
  • Group Study & Media rooms are for current student-use only.
  • The library does not proctor tests

Policy: Study spaces

Study spaces

  • Spaces are designated for silent study, quiet study, or group work; signage provided by ASTCC.
  • One group media room and three group study rooms w/ large screen monitors are available for advance booking at the library's home page; the library mezzanine also has tables for group study space.
  • There is a silent study room. 
  • Group Study & Media rooms are for current student-use only.
  • If the above description of study areas does not fit your needs, ask at the Front Desk for a list of alternative study spaces.


Policy: Phones


Please be considerate of the people around you.

Helpful tips include the following:
  • Put your ring tone in vibrate or silent mode.
  • Keep any phone conversations to a minimum. If the call is longer than a few seconds, please take it to the library front lobby or outside the library.
  • Please do not use the speaker phone. This is extremely disruptive for other students.

Policy: Misc.

  • Unattended children are not allowed in the library spaces or building 7
  • Only service animals are permitted in the library

Library closing time

Each evening at closing time, a library staff member gives two reminders that the library is closing. Please begin to gather your belongings at this time so that you are prepared to leave the library promptly at closing time or before.

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