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TCC Library: Computers, printing & scanning

Computers in the library

Computer use inside the library

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Photo of computers in the TCC LibraryOver 80 computers are available for research, document production, and other college-related activity. When there are no classes scheduled in the library classroom (Room 5) in the north of the library, near the Research Desk, the computers and tables there are open for use as well. 

  • Students log in to the computers with their Portal Login.
  • Computer give students access to the Internet, as well as the Library's Research Databases and catalog (accessed from the library's homepage). 
  • All computers connect to printers, which can print in black and white or color.
  • See "Accessibility" under the About tab for more info about adaptive technology for students with special needs. 
  • There are DVD & VHS players available.
  • Headphones and other tech equipment are available for checkout at the Front Desk.
    • Public/Guest access to computers & printing is available at limited times. See "Library policies & conduct" under the About tab for more details.
  • There are two printers/scanners used exclusively for scanning/making photo copies. See the following box on this page for more info.

Note: The library does not have a fax machine.

Please see TCC Acceptable Use Policy (linked below) to ensure compliance.

Wi-Fi on campus

  • A wireless network is available in the library and on campus.; it is called "Titan Public"
    • No log in is needed, but there is a terms of agreement button to select before connecting.
    • All laptops and wireless devices can be connected to the wi-fi network.
    • Wireless printing is no longer available.
  • Additionally, in response to Covid-19, TCC has connected with the local internet service provider, Rainier Connect, to lend hot spots to qualifying TCC students. 
    • Students interested in seeing if they qualify for a hot spot, should contact the following email: 
  • TCC (and many libraries across the state), have also created extra, free, drive-up wi-fi options. Use the links below to learn more. 

Computers & tech equipment rentals in the Information Commons

There are over 80 computers in the Information Commons, as well as printers, a wide array of tech equipment, study rooms, tech support, and more. The Info Commons are located on the first floor (Room 120) of Building 16, the  Information Technology Building. Use the link below for more info about hours and services.

Laptops rentals & other tech equipment

See the linked page below for more info about borrowing a laptop or other library equipment 

Printing & Scanning

Printing in the library

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Photograph of printing station in the TCC Library

Printing costs:

  • It is 10 cents per page for black & white (or 15 cents for double-sided)
  • It is 45 cents per page for color (or 75 cents for double-sided)
  • All funds are linked to your student account
    • The general public do have the same printing options but need to bring cash/change to print.
  • Cash or silver coins can be added to student accounts with the "Add Value" Machines in the library.
    • Note: The machines will not give change, so exact bills/coins are needed. Credit/debit cards are not accepted.
    • Funds can be added to your printing account at the Cashier’s Office in Building 14. The Cashier's Office encourages bringing cash, checks, or money orders for the most stream-lined process. Adding funds to your account using a card is a complicated process and not applicable to all students (such as those who have fees on their account), therefore, again, cash, check, or money order are the easiest options.  

Two-step process for printing black & white or color:

  1. Send your document to the printer. This includes the following steps:
    • Choose which printer you need -- the black & white or color printer -- at the time you send a document to print.
    • Choose one-sided or double-sided. 
    • Enter in your student info (your portal login) into the pop-up box that will appear once you click "Print." Add a title or name for your print job.  
  2. After you send a document to print as noted above, you then need to log on to a print release station to release your documents. These print release stations are on either side of the Front Desk. 
    • Log into the print release station using your portal log in again
    • The print release station will show you any funds on your account. 
    • If more funds need to be added, you can use the "AddValue" machines nearby. Note: these machines only take cash, or silver coins (no debit/credit/card payments).

Note: There are no longer any wireless printing options on campus. 

Scanning & photocopying

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Photograph of copy machines at TCC Library

You can...

  • make black & white or color copies
  • print from a USB
  • scan a text or image that you can then print, save to a USB drive, or send to your student email address 


Scanner/Copier use

  • To use the copy machines, you MUST have your student ID card with you, as swiping it through the machine allows you to log into the machine. 
  • Scanning/Copying options may be available for public users. Speak to the Front Desk for more info and options for non-TCC users.

Scanning/printing costs:

  • It is free to scan something to a personal USB, or email to your student email address (personal email addresses are not permitted)
  • If you want to print what you scan/copy, normal printing costs apply
    • It is 10 cents per page for black & white (or 15 cents for double-sided)
    • It is 45 cents per page for color (or 75 cents for double-sided)
      • See the previous tab for more info about adding funds to your student account or other payment options.

How to get help with copy machines:

Get additional help using this machine by asking at the nearby Front Desk or Research Desk OR use the printed instructions near the machine.

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