Pacific Northwest History

Books and resources about Pacific Northwest history, including Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska

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The Pacific Northwest is often considered to consist of the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Use the tabs above to navigate through this guide, searching both by topic and resource type.

Colton's Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, 1879

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You can expect to find primary, secondary, and tertiary sources and the following types of resources:

  • Books, ebooks (and linked chapters)
  • Magazines, newspapers, and trade publications (historic and current)
  • Journal articles and other scholarship 
  • Images, photographs, maps, and other primary source content 
  • Websites, with an array of content, such as those found in HistoryLink, a local resource, or digital collections
  • Videos, both from the library's collections and the web, and podcasts.

From the Indigenous settlers, the land's discovery by non-natives, those first white settler's habitation of the areas - such as those who came with the Hudson Bay Company, resources here will cover topics addressing race relations in the area, politics, various aspects of the local economy and everyday life for those who played a role in shaping the region. Understandably, there is more content for local areas and Washington State, but it is our hope to continue to update and expand this guide. 

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Sources cited on this page:

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