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Sources for learning about historical and present-day Washington State, Pierce County, and Tacoma

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This guide is for Washington State history

Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide to locate current and historical local information, including from books, websites, statistics, libraries and historical societies, and articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and newspapers.

This is a photo of Mt. Rainier over the water

Image Source: "Mount Rainier, Olympia, WA, USA" by Sheri Hooley is in the Public Domain, CC0

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Tacoma Community College History & Archives

multimediaThe Tacoma Community College Archive is located in Building 7.

In addition to historical documents and artifacts, oral history projects have already captured many distinctive voices from the College's history and from its present. TCC staff and students have interviewed retired and current faculty, staff and students. The recordings of these interviews are in the TCC Archive and can be accessed by students on request.  

Learn more about oral history by clicking the "Oral History TCC Library Guide" link below.

To visit the TCC Archive, please see below how to contact our Archivist.

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