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College 101: Getting to Know Your Library: Tour the library

This guide provides a virtual tour and introduction to your TCC Library

Important places in your TCC Library

Library Map

This map of the library shows the location of the places and resources in the library that are outlined on the following tabs. Click the tabs in this box to learn more about each section of the library. 

(click on image to enlarge)

library map

A photograph of the front desk

The Front Desk

The Front Desk is a great place to start in the library! It's where you check out materials in the library.

Using your Student ID card, you can check out:

  • books
  • headphones
  • laptops and more!

Accessing Course Reserves

Course Reserves are usually textbooks or required readings or videos that instructors have donated or loaned to the library for students to use. These materials are:

  • checked out for two hours for use in the library (Some may be borrowed for longer periods).
  • checked out on a first come, first serve basis.

The Research Desk

The Research Desk is a place in the library where you can go to ask questions. Faculty librarians are ready to help you figure out what kinds of information you need, and just how to find it!

Librarians at the Research Desk can help you...
  • look up and locate books
  • search for articles in the library's many databases
  • create citations and avoid plagiarism
  • evaluate your sources and more
  • search Google and the databases more effectively
  • we also help you with common tech problems, like accessing the wifi, printing, formatting issues in Word, Excel, and more.

When in doubt, ask! 

Bring your questions, big or small, to the desk and we'll find an answer together!

Photo of the the library classroom

The Library Instruction Classroom

The library instruction room, also known as the library classroom, is used mostly for library instruction. However, when we are not teaching in the classroom, the space is open to students for quiet study. 

The room contains:
  • 30 PC computers
  • large marker boards 
  • a large table

During peak times, the library's computers can fill up quickly. The library instruction room, however, offers a little bit more room for studying and computer use.

Check the library instruction room's daily calendar

Be sure to check the the class schedule that is posted daily just outside of the door to see if the room is available to you.

Photo of the the group media room

Group Media Room

The Group Media Room is a great place where you and your classmates can go to study. 

Students can reserve group study spaces for up to two hours per day.

This room contains:
  • 40" Monitor and Multimedia Workspace
  • 4 PC Workstations
  • Large space for groups of up to 8 students
  • A large marker board/bulletin board 
    • Note: A minimum of 2 people is required

Reserve the Group Media Room

Use the link below to reserve the room (there is also a link on the library header, under the "Reserve Laptops, Equipment, & Study Rooms" link). Be sure to follow the instructions, as you will need to confirm your booking via your student email account before your reservation is complete. 

Additional Computers & Media Options on Campus

See the link below to learn about additional study spaces and equipment on campus.

Group Study RoomsPhoto of the the small group study rooms

The Group Study Rooms are available to current students wanting a place to study uninterrupted (no public/guest use). 

There are four rooms are located on the mezzanine in the South Library Wing.

This room contains:
  • Each workspace has a dry-erase board for collaborative study. 
  • The rooms are open to anyone when the room is not reserved for a group. When a group has a reservation, you will be asked to leave.
  • Two rooms are equipped with 32" widescreen LCD display monitors.
    • Students can connect their laptop computers to these large displays in order to facilitate group work and watch course-related media. 
    • The display interface cable and remote can be checked out at the Front Desk.
      • Note: A minimum of 2 people is required to reserve the room. Non-group/Individual students wanting a quiet study space should use the Silent Study room.

Reserve a Group Study Room

Use the link below to reserve the room (there is also a link on the library homepage) at least one hour in advance. Be sure to follow the instructions, as you will need to confirm your booking via email before your reservation is complete.

Photo of computers in the TCC Library

Computers, Study Spaces, and Wi-Fi

The library has 80+ computers as well as other equipment:

  • printers
  • scanners, copy machine
  • DVD & VHS players
  • photocopiers
  • 20 laptops 
  • adaptive technology for students with special needs. 
  • WiFi access

Make use of the many different tables, study areas or cubicles in the library. And remember, when there are no classes scheduled in the library classroom (Room 5), the computers and tables there are open for use.

Wi-Fi on Campus

"Titan Public" is the name of the campus wi-fi. No log in is needed, but there is a terms of agreement button to select before connecting. Additionally, in response to Covid-19, TCC (and many libraries across the state), have created extra, free, drive-up wi-fi options. Use the links below to learn more. 

Guest/visitor use:

The library space is open to the general public/community users, as well as borrowing privileges, and limited computer/printing use. See the "Library policies" tab for more details.

Photograph of books in the TCC Library's collection

The Physical Collection Inside the Library

The Library has several collections of books, e-books, and other printed materials.

  • Books in the library's circulating collection (labeled as "main collection" in the catalog) may be borrowed for three weeks
  • Print magazines and newspapers  may be borrowed  for one week
  • Most reference books are for use in the library only. Some may be borrowed overnight, 3 days or 7 days (ask a librarian for details)
  • DVDs can be borrowed for 3 days
  • Electronic books can be viewed through the Library Catalog or databases
How to Renew Items:
  • Most items may be renewed in person, through the Library Catalog, or by calling the Front Desk at 253.566.5087.

Photograph of printing station in the TCC Library

Printing Cost

  • It is 10 cents per page for black & white (or 15 cents for double-sided)
  • It is 45 cents per page for color (or 80 cents for double-sided)
  • All funds are linked to your student account
    • The general public do have the same printing options but need to bring cash/change to print.
  • Cash or silver coins can be added to student accounts with the "Add Value" Machines in the library.
    • Note: The machines will give change, so exact bills/coins are needed. Credit/debit cards are not accepted.
    • Funds can be added to your printing account at the Cashier’s Office in Building 14. The Cashier's Office encourages bringing cash, checks, or money orders for the most stream-lined process. Adding funds to your account using a card is a complicated process and not applicable to all students (such as those who have fees on their account), therefore, again, cash, check, or money order are the easiest options.  

Two-step Process for Printing Black & White or Color:

  1. Send your document to the printer. This includes the following steps:
    • Choose which printer you need -- the black & white or color printer -- at the time you send a document to print.
    • Choose one-sided or double-sided. 
    • Enter in your student info (your portal login) into the pop-up box that will appear once you click "Print." Add a title or name for your print job.  
  2. After you send a document to print as noted above, you then need to log on to a print release station to release your documents. These print release stations are on either side of the Front Desk. 
    • Log into the print release station using your portal log in again
    • The print release station will show you any funds on your account. 
    • If more funds need to be added, you can use the "AddValue" machines nearby.

Note: Wireless printing is no longer an option. 

Guest/visitor use:

The library space is open to the general public/community users, as well as borrowing privileges, and limited computer/printing use. See the "Library policies" tab for more details.

Photograph of copy machines at TCC Library

Scanning & Copy Machines

The machines at the Copy Stations allow you to:

  • make copies
  • print from a USB (thumb drive)
  • scan a text or image that you print, save to a USB drive, or send to your TCC student email

Note: A student ID card is required when copying, as it is scanned on the machine to access your account. (card can be made for students in building 14)

The cost of printing and scanning:
  • Black and white: 10 cents per page (15 cents for double-sided)
  • Color: 45 cents per page (75 cents for double-sided)
  • Scanning: Free: There is no charge to scan to a USB drive or your TCC student email.

Use the instructions posted near the machines, or if you need additional help, ask the staff at the Front Desk.

Paying for Prints and Photocopies

You will start off with $1.50 in your printing account. After you use this one-time balance, you will need to add money to your printing account.

  • The quickest way to do this is to put money into the Add Value machines that are located next to the Copy Stations and printers.
  • You will need your student ID number and cash to do this. The machines take U.S. coins: nickels, dimes, quarters; and bills. NOTE: The Add Value machines do not give change back.

Library Policies

Our goal is to ensure that the TCC Library is a quiet, welcoming teaching and learning space for all TCC students.

Support each other’s success in the Library by following some general guidelines. 

  • The policies below have been effective since January 2014 and have been established by your TCC student government (ASTCC) and the faculty and staff of the TCC Library.
Food & Drink 
  • Light snacks are allowed anywhere in the Library.
  • Meals are only allowed in the Lobby area of the Library.  
  • Covered drinks are allowed anywhere in the Library..
Cell Phone Use 
  • Ringers must be quieted or silenced.
  • All phone calls must be taken outside of Library.
Acceptable Computer Use

All computer/wireless use must comply with the TCC Acceptable Use policy, linked below, that includes:

  • “Games and Internet-based entertainment applications (music, video, or other) are not appropriate uses of college systems” (#6).
  • Students who need the Library computers/wireless for school-related work are given priority.
  • Learn more by clicking the link below
Study Spaces
  • There are study spaces designated for Silent Study, Quiet Study and (quiet) Group Work. Signs for these areas have been provided by the ASTCC.
  • 3 group study rooms w/ large screen monitors are available for advance booking at the Library's homepage. The mezzanine includes spaces for quiet group study on a first come first serve basis..
  • Because the Library is mostly open-concept, and even moderate noise is amplified, space is not available for socializing or noisy group work. Ask at the Front Desk for a list of alternative study spaces.

Note: We empathize with the challenges of finding childcare, however, children cannot be left unattended in the TCC Library.

Guest or Visitor Use of the TCC Library

The library space is open to visitors, guests and community users

  • Computer use is prioritized for student-use. Guests, visitors, and community members can use the computers after 2pm and can stop at the Front Desk to get computer access. Regardless of status, everyone who uses TCC computers must follow TCC Acceptable Use policies
  • The "Titan Public" wi-fi network can be freely used by guests
  • Printing services/prices are the same for the public; however, cash is required to pay for print jobs
    • see the "Computer use & printing"  tab for more info
  • The general public can also pay $5 to get a quarterly card to check out books and DVDs from the library's main collection (this excludes Reference items and Course Reserves).
    • Contact the Front Desk for more information.
  • Group Study & Media rooms are for use by current TCC students only.
  • The Library does not proctor tests of any kind.

Additional TCC Policies

Additional Library Policies

Click on the tabs in the link below to see additional policies, including library conduct, borrowing materials, study spaces, accessibility, and computers.

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