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This guide supports your annotated bibliography project - mitigating climate change

Topics related to climate change mitigation

This guide is built for your project - putting together an annotated bibliography that supports learning on topics related to mitigating climate change.

Annotated bibliographies serve several purposes. One service they provide is to offer a reader a list of "the best" sources to help them better understand - something - in whatever way the creator of that list intends. Think of your collection of sources as 'the best of', and part of each of your annotations should describe how each source meets your criteria as 'best of' - specifically how is each one useful?

Your hand-selected collection of sources should ideally represent a kind of "conversation" on a narrower theme within climate change mitigation. Your collection should include at least one "big idea" source - what is climate change mitigation? Then the rest should revolve around a narrower sub-theme. Sub-themes might include economics, politics, religion, adaptation, forestry, agriculture, waste, energy, marketing, psychology, sociology, geographical, specific groups of people, specific efforts/technology,... I recommend that you let your initial research wander a bit allowing yourself to see what is out there. You will see patterns emerge, specific sub-topics will catch your attention, and then pursue that line of research thereafter.

This annotated bibliography is simply an example - follow your instructor's guidelines for content and format.

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