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Anti-Asian/Asian American history in the United States: Anti-AAPI history, Washington state

This is a guide in response to current and past instances of anti-Asian activity in the United States. This guide is a work in progress.

Local history

Anti-AAPI history locally

Washington state has its own history of anti-Asian violence. Below are links to information about Asian-American internment locally, the "Tacoma Method" and Seattle's Chinese Expulsion and anti-Chinese violence

The Tacoma Method

The Tacoma Method

How We Got Here

Below is a documentary film through the City of Tacoma. Includes information about the Tacoma Method and also "...investigates how the U.S. and Tacoma region were shaped by racist laws, policies and discriminatory practices and argues these systems can only be dismantled through strategies of recognition, restitution, reconciliation and a sustained commitment to equity."

Seattle's 1886 riot and Chinese explusion

Seattle's 1886 riot and Chinese explusion

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Japanese internment in Washington state

Japanese internment in Washington state

After the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. This order authorized the evacuation of all persons deemed a threat to national security from the West Coast to relocation centers further inland. Most of those deemed a threat were of Japanese descent (or appeared to be of Japanese descent...), regardless of citizenship status. High profile internment camps such as Manzanar, CA are widely-known, but there were local internment camps, as close as the Puyallup fair grounds.

The Puyallup Valley Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League filmed a documentary, ”The Silent Fair" about nine people who were interred at "Camp Harmony." See a preview of the documentary below.

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