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This research guide is to help TCC students find academic criticism of films, film writers, and directors

Film studies

This guide provides links to the most useful databases and resources for Film studies. This research guide is to help TCC students find academic criticism of films, film writers, and directors. This guide may be particularly helpful to students in TCC's film courses, including:

  • HUM 130: Introduction to Film
  • HIST 231: American History, American Film
  • POLS 231: Politics and Film

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Movie theater during pandemic

Image source: "Cinema, movie theatre during quarantine" via pxhere. Creative Commons CC0

The following assignment description is from Michael Huffman's HUM 130 course:

Research Paper: this is a 5-6 page research paper. MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page are required [see the "MLA style" tab of this guide for help with citing your sources].The assignment is to research the life and work of a notable director in order to argue why that director should be considered an artist or an auteur. Please pay close attention to the following quotation: “An auteur is a director who manifests a consistency of style and theme across his or her films.”

Consider also that “auteur criticism…is useful in helping us to understand the common themes and aesthetic decisions in films by the same director” and that “auteur criticism draws on other sources, like film history or formal analysis, to ensure that the paper is not simply an examination of the private life…of the auteur” (Gocsik, Barsam. Writing About Movies, 11).

You will be required to watch at least two films by your director. You will have to cite the films in your paper—they are evidence in support of your argument. Of course, this includes some insightful analysis of form, of cinematic language. You must also include at least one professional review for each of the two films—more evidence in support of your argument. [Use the "Find Film Reviews" tab of this guide to look for reviews.]

At least 5 sources are required, including at least one credible source from a reputable film publication or scholarly journal. This means you cannot simply find all your research on the internet! The idea is to learn something about this person and his or her work. This will require research and time.

The research papers will be given a letter grade using the college’s grading system.

This assignment is due hard copy in class. No exceptions.

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