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Pearl A. Wanamaker (TCC) Library Collection Development Policy: Distinct collections

Distinct collections

The Pearl A. Wanamaker Library maintains several unique specialized collections including the Reference Collection, the Children's Literature Collection, the College Archive Collection, the Graphic Novel Collection, the English as a Second Language (ESL) Collection, the Popular Collection, and the Professional Development Collection.


The Reference Collection exists to support the teaching and research of the students and faculty at TCC. It is comprised of reference materials such as almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, indexes and abstracts, legal reference materials, manuals, and statistical sources. Primary selection responsibility for reference materials rests with the reference selector in consultation with other selectors. Some of the materials in the collection, such as the legal materials, are purchased outside the Library budget by individual programs.

Children's Literature Collection

The Children's Literature Collection includes picture books, novels, and graphic novels whose primary target audience falls approximately between the ages of 0 and 12*. This collection is intended to serve primarily students who are taking children's literature courses; those who are taking certain psychology courses; those who are in English language-learning courses; those who are in the early childhood program; and those who are in the elementary education transfer program. Secondarily, the collection serves students in households that include children or other members who would benefit from access to these materials.

Criteria for selection of Children's Literature Collection:

1. Books that represent a "significant work" in a literary, artistic, or historical context

2. Award recipients which include, but are not limited to (these include "medal" and "honor" recipients and similar):  

  • Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature
  • Batchelder Award
  • Belpre Award
  • Caldecott Medal
  • Coretta Scott-King Award
  • Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award
  • Geisel Award
  • NAACP Image Awards
  • Newbery Medal
  • Sibert Medal
  • Stonewall Award
  • Wilder Award

3. Books that appear on "notable" lists, including but not limited to:

  • ALA's Children's Notable
  • American Indians in Children's Literature
  • School Library Journal

4. Books that are personal favorites of Library staff and faculty that meet collection criteria

5. Student suggestions that meet collection criteria                          

Collection development considerations should include how the books:

  • Serve student curriculum needs
  • Reflect the diversity of TCC students, staff, faculty, and the wider Tacoma community

Whenever possible hardcover books should be selected for durability.


*Young Adult (YA) literature (target audience for people aged between 12 and 24) is shelved with adult Leisure Reading.

The TCC Archive collects and preserves materials relating directly to the history of the college, the college community and TCC's greater role in Tacoma. The collection includes founding documents, official reports, College publications such as The Challenge and Trillium, newsletters, scrapbooks, film, photographs, audio-visual materials, and born digital documents. Materials are selected and maintained by the Archivist.



                                                  3 Persepolis 1 by Luciana is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Pearl A. Wanamaker Library seeks to support research in the literary, artistic, and cinematic aspects of graphic novels and selected comics. Books will be selected in a variety of genres and topics to meet the needs of the campus curriculum. The Library is also interested in building a broad collection that supports the rich and diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, social, and economic background of the TCC student body.

Graphic novels have been defined as "book length collections of sequential art containing a single story, or a set of interrelated stories," although many continue to refer to such compilations simply as comics, due to their panel-art format. The Library's collection will concentrate on titles that have won awards or otherwise received critical acclaim. The Library will also include local titles that reflect the burgeoning graphic novel community of the Pacific Northwest.

New titles for the Graphic Novels Collection will be purchased at the discretion of the Library and as funding allows.  

The English as a Second Language Collection consists of novels, short stories, and non-fiction for beginning and intermediate English language learners. Materials are selected by a librarian in collaboration with ESL faculty.

The Popular Collection includes both fiction and non-fiction books, films, and audiobooks. The collection is supported through the Library's book sale budget. The collection is kept in a separate location with the fiction titles organized by the author's last name, while non-fiction books and DVDs are shelved by OCLC call number. Material is selected based on popularity (best seller lists and by student, faculty, and staff requests.) Material may also be added by the librarians on a case by case basis.

Photo by Brittany Stevens is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Global Literature Collection--The Global Literature Collection is comprised of contemporary works of fiction in translation from around the globe. Representing the best contemporary fiction from more than 50 countries, the collection has a strong emphasis on African, Asian, and Middle Eastern writing. The collection was created with the following goals in mind:

  • To better reflect the TCC community
  • To connect with TCC’s international students
  • To expose native English speakers to more diverse perspectives
  • To support efforts to globalize learning at TCC

Materials are selected by a librarian and selection is based—but not limited to--the following considerations:

  • Award winners
  • International best-sellers
  • TCC students’ countries of origin

At the TCC Library, we define zines as physical materials printed on paper that are: 

  • Created by individuals or small, specially-focused community groups  

  • Printed and distributed in small, limited runs

  • Not created with the primary intent of making a profit, rather, they are 

  • Created with the intent to share knowledge, wisdom, and specific experiences 

The TCC Zine Collection is dedicated to preserving and providing access to works by authors from communities historically marginalized and silenced by mainstream publishing models. We prioritize collecting zines from authors who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, neurodivergent, disabled, veterans, and first-generation college students, just to name a few. We stive to collect zines from authors belonging to these groups to amplify their perspectives. The mission of the TCC Library zine collection is furthermore guided by Tacoma Community College’s larger Mission and Values. The TCC Library Zine Collection also prioritizes collecting zines from creators in the Puget Sound region to connect with local communities and histories. The TCC Library Zine Collection strives to be a repository of student creative output and work, and eagerly accepts donations from students. 

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