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Pearl A. Wanamaker (TCC) Library Collection Development Policy: Collection management and maintenance

Collection assessment

This is a description of the strategies employed to assess whether the collection, as a whole, is effectively fulfilling its intended purpose.

  • Circulation statistics for print and non-print resources—how often and when are materials used?
  • Use statistics for databases and individual digital periodical subscriptions. Level of use, cost per use
  • Reference librarian’s observations regarding the availability/accessibility of appropriate resources to fulfill student needs identified at the Research Desk or in class sessions
  • Biennial survey of faculty members. Importance of and satisfaction with subject matter coverage, quality (authority, currency), level, and availability/accessibility of resources to fulfill student assignments    
  • Biennial survey of students. Importance of and satisfaction with subject matter coverage, quality (authority, currency), level, and availability/accessibility of resources to fulfill student assignments   
  • Campus-wide SSI: “Library resources and services are adequate” administered every three to four years. Library may ask to add a question.
  • Assessment of student products (as part of Program Learning Outcomes assessment) in order to determine whether:
    • Library owned or recommended resources are used in research assignments
    • Library owned or recommended resources are adequate to appropriately support research assignments  

Weeding and discarding

Weeding of materials is recognized as essential to maintaining a balanced collection of materials in all formats. Incidental weeding to eliminate obsolete, worn out, or irreparably damaged materials is a continuous process. Systematic collection analysis to eliminate materials for lack of value or use is a shared responsibility among librarians, who consult with faculty members as necessary. The Conspectus report is run once every three years for useful statistical data regarding the age and use of the collection.

All materials withdrawn from collections are first officially declared discarded and then are disposed of by legally prescribed means.

Replacement materials

Replacement of stolen, lost, damaged, and unreturned material is not made if comparable material, particularly more recent material, is adequately available to meet needs. If the need for a particular item is critical, it is replaced at once, funds permitting; otherwise, a waiting period of at least one year is observed in order to allow time for possible return or location of missing items.

Gifts and donations

Gifts are appreciated and encouraged with the stipulation that donations in all formats must be subject to evaluation and disposition according to selection policies generally applicable to materials under consideration for acquisition. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they may be discarded on the same basis and in the same manner as other materials are discarded. Library staff may request a general description of the content and size of the donation before materials are brought to the Library. By law, Library staff may not assign value to gifts; this must be done by the donor. The Library writes the donor a letter of acknowledgement which is dated and which itemizes the number of hardback and paperback items received.

Resource sharing

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The Pearl A. Wanamaker Library uses OCLC's resource sharing network, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, to borrow and lend resources. Using this network allows TCC students, faculty, and staff to request materials that the Pearl A. Wanamaker Library does not own in print or subscribe to electronically.

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