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PSYC 100, 220: Costa, P.: Use PsycArticles for your sources!

Requirement for this class

Using the PsychArticles database is required for finding scholarly journal articles on your topic to support your ideas. Logging in to the TCC Portal is required in order to access the database.


As the name suggests, the PsycArticles database includes only psychology-related journals. (Since professional journal articles are intended to advance the science -- that is, discuss new ideas or discoveries -- you will probably NOT find basic information on a given psychological disorder or issue here.  For that, take a look at your textbook and other background information provided to you in your class.)


Click on the link below, to access the PsycArticles database. (You will be prompted to log into the TCC Portal, if you aren't already.)

The screen shots below walk you through finding a meta-analysis or review article on your topic.  

Find meta-analysis and review articles in PsycArticles database

1. Search in PsycArticles database for your topic.


2. On the left side of your page of results, see if there is a Methodology section. If there isn't, do another search, using a different word or phrase to describe your topic. 


3. Select 'literature review' and 'meta-analysis'


4. Once you get results, click on any "full text" link to open an article. Once inside an article, look at the toolbar on the right for options to save, print, email, get an APA citation, etc. 

If you CANNOT find a meta-analysis or review article on your topic in PsycArticles

These are three online scholarly journals that Dr. Costa recommends you use, ONLY IF you have not been able to find meta-analysis or review articles in PsycArticles database. These journals are filled with meta-analysis and review articles. Please note that in Review of General Psychology and Annals of Behavioral Medicine, NOT ALL of the articles are free. 

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