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Argument and research: Search words and strategies

A guide for researching argument writing and speech assignments

Identify your search words

checkmarkMake a list of search words

To begin a search successfully, you muse use a variety of words that related to your topic.

  • Think of the different words and phrases that people use when they discuss your topic.
  • Consider broader and narrower words, and synonyms (words that have the same meaning).
  • Identify search words through your background research or ask a librarian for help in finding words that are used in your field of research.

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Search smart!

Tick icons created by Kiranshastry - FlaticonDevelop efficient strategies to search for books, articles and websites 

  • Searching is CREATIVE - use synonyms or different search words to find the sources you need
  • LEARN as you search - keep your eyes open for new words or terminology that you find in your sources (book, article or website results).  Use this new search vocabulary for your next search
  • Be a DETECTIVE- if you find a good source, dig deeper and explore any links or other suggested resources.  These will lead you to more information
  • Look in MORE THAN ONE PLACE - use all the search tools available to you, such as the library catalog, library databases, and the internet
  • DON'T STOP after one or two tries - if you can't find what you need, ask a librarian for help

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Helpful search strategies

Library database search strategies the words, tips and tricks, and a check box icon

  1. Boolean operators
    • When searching the library catalog, databases, or the internet, AND / OR / NOT help you broaden or narrow your search results:
  2. Truncation
    • Use truncation symbols (usually ? or *) in library catalogs and databases to capture all forms of words (forest* will retrieve forest, forests, forester, forested, foresting).
  3. Keep it simple
    • Keep searches simple using basic search words.

    • Example:  Search on body image women rather than how does body image affect women in the United States?

  4. Try different keywords 
    • Use a variety of search words. 
    • For example, try different searches to find different results:
      • body image women
      • self image women 
      • personal appearance women
      • anorexia women
      • body image teenagers
      • ...etc.
  5. Use advanced search features
    • Become a power internet searcher! 
    • For example, use the advanced search in Google, linked below, to get better results from your internet searches

Brainstorm keywords

How to brainstorm:

  1. State your research question/topic
    • Example: "How do cigarette companies target children with their advertising?"
  2. Extract main concepts:
      cigarettes children advertising
  3. Brainstorm key words:







      smokeless tobacco


      smoking industry

      big tobacco















      television spots

      product placement

Keywords can be:

  • synonyms
  • related terms
  • broader ideas
  • narrower ideas
  • alternate spellings
  • specific examples
  • abbreviations or acronyms

Your own brainstorming chart

download icon

Use a chart for your brainstorming

Click below to download your own "Search Word Brainstorming Chart."

Keep this chart with you to help you search more effectively!

Video tutorial: Boolean Operators, AND / OR / NOT

Watch this short video (3 mins!) about Boolean operators and how they are used in search engines like Google and in library databases.

Source: "Boolean Operators" by Emily Wixson, Standard YouTube license

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