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ABE 69: HS 21+ US History: Assignment 2 - Research Project

Step 1. Finding background information

Reference sources -- materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks -- provide the researcher with a basic understanding of a topic. Because most students are not experts on a particular topic, it's a good idea to first orient yourself to the basics on your research topic before you delve into more detailed books and articles. 

The Gale eBooks database is a great place to begin your US History research project

You can also find topical background information in reference eBooks. Try some of these history related eBooks to find background information on your chosen topic.

Just click on the title to get access!

Step 2. Searching for eBooks in the TCC Library catalog

Searching the Library Catalog

Once you've found general, background information on your topic, it's time to find more in-depth information. One way is to find books that you can check out at the TCC Library or e-books that you can read online. You can search the library catalog for books by doing a keyword search (e.g., "bilingual education" or "drug abuse") by clicking the link below.

Click the link below to search for books in the library catalog

Search tips:
  1. Type in your keywords in the search box and click the "Search" button
  2. Take note of the format of the results. You can narrow down to print books or e-books by clicking one of the boxes.
  3. Take note of the publication date range. You can narrow down results to a specific data range.
  4. Click the title of the book for more detailed info
  5. Take note of the format of the book. An e-book will have an "E" icon; a print book will have a book icon.
  6. If it's an e-book, then you can click the "Electronic access" link to read the book online.
  7. You can also text any book record to yourself.

(click on image to enlarge)

Screenshot of library catalog search for language AND identity

Step 3. Finding articles in library databases

Databases to Get You Started

The Library has some print journals, magazines, and newspapers but most are stored electronically in research databases. The databases listed below cover a number of subjects and are good starting points for finding articles for your research. 

Need More Help Options?

Consider the linked list below

ProQuest video tutorial

Explore the ProQuest Database

Find newspaper, magazine, trade journal and scholarly journal articles.

ProQuest Tutorial

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