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Participatory Action Research


image showing the essential pillars of PAR research, "community participation" "research" " (community) action [on the results of the research]

Infographic showing the three pillars of participatory research: Community participation + Research + Action.

Infographic from: Participatory action research as public Sociology: Bringing lived experience back in. (2020). The Sociologist.

This guide

This guide is intended to add foundational informational support and basic research support for your work in Sabine Endicott's English 102 course that focuses on Participatory Action Research, or PAR. In this guide you will find:

  • Definitions and examples of PAR
  • Descriptions of PAR in contrast to traditional top down research
  • Examples of PAR work in written and video modes
  • A curated list of Library resources, and how to search them effectively for PAR works
  • A guide to searching the open web for useful and reliable works
  • Citation assistance
  • and How to get help from the TCC Library

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