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Accessibility at the Library: Accessibility at the library

General information about the accessibility services at the Tacoma Community College Library

Accessibility software

Assistive Technology

Software on all Library Computers
  • ZoomText 9.1
    • ZoomText controls are available in the upper-left corner of the Windows logon screen so students can magnify the display while entering their username and password. However, these settings are not persistent.
    • Once logged on, students have to launch ZoomText again and configure it as desired. Again, the shortcut to launch ZoomText controls is in the upper-left corner. In this case, the settings should persist until log off.
    • Features: ZoomText can increase the size of all buttons, icons and text on the screen. It also lets you reverse the colors on screen (i.e. displaying light-colored text on a dark background). Finally, it will convert the text on the screen into synthesized speech.
  • NVDA
    • NVDA is screen reader software that converts text, buttons and menus into synthesized speech or braille. Use the links below to access.

Accessibility inside the library

Equipment and Furniture

Kurzweil Reader
  • The Reading Edge in the Group Media Room (ask a librarian for directions to the Group Media Room)
  • The Kurzweil Reader is a device that scans documents, turns the scanned images into text and then outputs the text via Braille or synthesized speech.
  • A scanned copy of the User’s Guide and a concise set of instructions can be found on page 14 of the training manual.  For additional assistance, contact Troy Peterson in Access Services at 253-566-3995.
Adjustable Workstations
  • There are two adjustable computer workstations in the library. Both are located in the row of computers outside the CAL LAB (Room 7-2).
  • An electronic switch on the left-hand side of each desk will raise and lower the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Students with disabilities have priority access to these two workstations, but other students are also allowed to use them. If you need to use one of these workstations and it's occupied by a non-disabled student, please notify a librarian.
  • If additional assistance is needed, please ask a librarian.

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