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ABE 69: HS 21+ Washington State History: MLA citation

This guide provides links to the most useful TCC Library databases and resources for the Washington State History module in ABE 069 HS 21+ portfolio course.

What does citing mean?

What Does Citing Mean?

After you gather information from outside resources to add to your own ideas about a topic, you will quote, paraphrase, or summarize those sources within the body of your paper.

Citing allows you to share with your readers where you got your information so that they can verify what you've written or follow up on an interesting idea, and it protects you from any charges of plagiarism.

There are two parts to an MLA citation:
  1. The in-text citation lets your reader know, briefly, where the source information in your paper came from. Usually, this includes the author(s) and page number.
  2. The separate Works Cited page lets your reader know, in detail, where that same information came from.

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image of an in-text citation within a paragraph of text

Video: MLA style citations

Source: "MLA citation style - 8th edition" by Joshua Vossler, UWF Libraries, Educational use.

TCC's MLA style handouts

MLA Style Handouts 

Here are some handouts (in both .docx and .pdf formats) featuring examples of citations for sources you might find through TCC's Library and the Web. This first handout is for the full works cited page. 

Works Cited

In-Text Citations

Citing Social Media

Purdue OWL guides for MLA style

Purdue OWL Guides: MLA 9th Ed.

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