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TCC Time Capsule: Obi Society, 1968-1969: Home

Resource for study of TCC history including oral history video clips, documents, and historic photographs

Overview of this guide

The Obi Society was founded by African American students at TCC in 1968.  This organization later evolved into the student organization now called the Black Student Union (BSU). In 1969, the Obi Society presented a list of demands to TCC's President, Dr. Thornton Ford.  TCC's hiring of Black faculty, inclusion of Black Studies courses in the curriculum, etc. can all be seen as at least partly the result of the Obi Society's activism.

This time capsule contains video clips from interviews with people who were at TCC during these events in 1968-1969.  They all have different perspectives and may have witnessed different events during the two years presented here.   The time capsule also contains newspaper articles from the student newspaper, The Challenge; excerpts from documents and reports from TCC administrators [coming soon!], and other evidence.

1968-1969 in pictures: Ali visits campus

Muhammad Ali speaking on campus at event organized by Obi Society, February 1969. Image from student publication The Cronus in the TCC Archive.

1968-1969 in pictures: the Rock (or Rocks!)

Messages on rocks, circa 1969. From The Cronus, 1969. TCC Archive.

1968-1969 in pictures: TCC students speaking up


Pages from student publication The Cronus, 1969.

TCC Archive.

1968-1969 in pictures: Student Government Defends Approval of Obi

James Walton and others speak at student government meeting, 1969. The Cronus, 1969. TCC Archive.

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