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ENGL 101: Carver, K. (Spring 2024): Start here

Help for your Henrietta Lacks-related research assignment in Mrs. Carver's English 101 class.


Welcome to your research guide! Use the pages above to navigate to possible sources for your ENGL101 research assignments.

Image source: " Scanning Electron Microscope, HeLa cancer cell dividing" by Dr. Thomas Deerinck

Your assignment

The following blurb comes directly from your annotated bibliography assignment description. The complete assignment can be found via the link at the bottom of this box. Ask your instructor if you have questions about your assignment.

Create an Annotated Bibliography of five (5) credible sources (no wikis) on issues from this class, related to the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Use the MLA FORMAT:  
  • Alphabetical 
  • Hanging indent 
  • Double spaced 
  • Typed 
  • Correct heading 
Following each citation is an annotation including the following: 
  • Summary of key points written in the third person and present tense. 
  • Evaluation of article’s strengths and limitations. Why is it useful for you? 
  • Evaluation of credibility of source. 

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