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Faculty/staff guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): OER support @ TCC

This guide is designed to help TCC faculty and staff find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instructional and training purposes.

OER support @ TCC

I want to know about... OER support @ TCC.

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On this "OER Support @ TCC" page, learn about:

  • Different kinds of OER support @ TCC
  • How Library faculty and Learning Innovation staff can help support faculty in different ways
  • TCC's OE Steering Group members and vision

OER contact:

We have set up a centralized email contact for OER support @ TCC. Email, and we will get you in contact with the OER support you need!

Image source:  "Open Books Image" by Sami Kerzel is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Jennifer Snoek-Brown, OER Librarian at Tacoma Community CollegeYour faculty librarians, including your OER Librarian Jennifer Snoek-Brown, can help you find high-quality and appropriate OER for your course or curricular area.

OER-related services librarians can offer faculty:

  • Direct instructors to TCC OER guides and/or other resources (i.e. webinars, guides, etc.) that will help you formulate an OER strategy
  • Help instructors to discuss and target specific learning objectives when searching for materials
  • Help instructors formulate a search strategy to locate OER (search terms, places to look, etc.)
  • Help instructors fill in gaps and search for materials to support specific learning objectives after instructor has searched
  • Help instructors explore library resources that support learning objectives
  • Provide basic copyright guidance and/or resources (e.g. help you track down copyright owners in order to obtain permission to use materials)
  • Communicate and work with faculty chairs on the above points
  • Refer instructors to appropriate departments and/or individuals for assistance outside of the scope of library support


  • Jennifer Snoek-Brown, OER Faculty Librarian, 253.460.3936
  • Or your librarian liaison, linked below

TCC librarians

Instructional design is the use of learning and instructional theory to facilitate the best possible learning experiences which meet educational outcomes. Through analysis of learning needs and goals at each stage of the course development process, an instructional design team works to create courses where students and instructors reach their educational goals.

The instructional design and eLearning team at Tacoma Community College centers around the instructor working to design a course. Our team is made up of the instructional designer, instructional technologists, multimedia specialists, instructors, and reviewers. Design work is centered on the student and the learning transformations we want to foster during the educational experience.

What services are available?

  • Course Development and Design
  • Creating and sustaining online and face-to-face learning communities
  • Designing for teacher presence and social presence
  • Designing for engaged participation
  • Integrating technology across the curriculum
  • Digital ethnography
  • Storyboarding and design thinking
  • Connectivism and open resources
  • UDL and assessment for student learning
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Moving courses from face-to-face to full-online and hybrid online formats
  • Training in instructional technology for the face-to-face and online classroom
  • Multimedia development consultations
  • Quality assurance reviews of courses or course materials
  • Implementing blogs, wikis, and social networking into your courses


  • Sheila Northrop, Instructional Designer, at
  • Dale Coleman, Dean of Library & Learning Innovation, at
  • Or email

OE Steering Group vision:

Open Education at Tacoma Community College invites students, faculty members and administrators to work together as we choose a culture of innovative instruction that leads students to complete their education with both quality and equity. We will increase student learning opportunities by embracing a culture of Open in all levels of our institution.

Click the "OE Steering Group" tab in the guide's navigation menu above for more information and contacts!


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