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Faculty guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): Home

This guide is designed to help TCC faculty find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instruction.

Learn about OER

I want to know... what OER is and why it matters

Learn about OER basics, including what OER is and why open education matters, as well as links to modules and tutorials to learn more about OER.

Attribute/License OER

I want to know about... OER attribution and CC licenses

Learn how to properly attribute OER and differences between Creative Commons licenses, public domain, and traditional copyright.

Library Resources

I want to know about... using library resources in my course

Beyond OER, there is LER (library/licensed educational materials). Consider filling in some of the gaps by using library resources, such as e-books and articles.

OER Myths

I want to know about... Common OER Myths

Explore common OER myths, including misperceptions and potential barriers, as well as additional links and info about each common myth.

OER and Canvas

I want to know... how to use OER in Canvas

How to use the "Open Attribution Builder" tool in Canvas to cite yourself and materials from others, and how to openly license your own courses in Canvas.


I want to know about... copyright and fair use

Learn about copyright, fair use, practical applications, and guidance on how to seek and obtain permission to use materials in this separate Copyright LibGuide.

Find OER

I want to know... how to find OER in my field

Starting points to find OER, including TCC OER Subject Guides, OER repositories & reviews, discipline-specific OER, open textbooks & journals, as well as multimedia.

Open Pedagogy

I want to know about... Open Pedagogy

What open pedagogy is, as well as examples of open, renewable student assignments -- including examples from TCC students! 

OER Support @ TCC

I want to know about... OER support at TCC

Info and contacts for different kinds of OER support @ TCC, including how the Library and eLearning can help in different ways, as well as info about the OER Steering Group.

OER Librarian

Jennifer Snoek-Brown's picture
Jennifer Snoek-Brown
Bldg. 7, Library

Email is the fastest way to contact me. If I'm not available in my office and you need help right away, please stop by the library reference desk to connect with another librarian.

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