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Reading Apprenticeship at TCC: Getting started with RA

TCC faculty guide about reading apprenticeship resources and techniques

Getting started with RA

Start the quarter off right by focusing on the personal and social dimensions in your classroom. 

  • Use a Personal Reading History (PRH) to get to know a little about each student. These templates are available in the drop down menu on this tab.  The value of asking your students about their reading histories, and sharing yours, establishes a culture of shared discussion about reading strengths, challenges, and needs.
  • Next, begin a Readers Strategy List or Lists. This allows students to tell you what they do to approach text. Each type of text may need its own list.
  • Model your reading. Using a document camera, or lecture capture with overhead camera, show the students “how” you read text in your field. Focus on the signposts and the specialized use of language and structures that help you decode, decipher, and make meaning.
  • Allow time for reflection and discussion. This should be done regularly and in an open atmosphere that fosters metacognitive conversations. There are many RA routines available to assist readers with metacognitive strategies, and to help you facilitate metacognitive discussions in class, and online.

Things students say

Whether new to academic skill practice and culture, or a seasoned pro, most students need some practice with academic reading at some point. Here is what some students say after participating in RA skills practice (text features):

"I tended to view a lot of these conventions as obstacles in my own writing as they seem somewhat daunting if one is not familiar with them. It’s clearer now that these conventions are in place because they make navigating an article much easier, and are actually quite logical" (LS 102 student, 2016).

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