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Guide to APA and Chicago citation for LS 102 students: About APA

APA, 7th edition

A new edition of the APA Publication Manual was published in October 2019, replacing APA 6th edition (2009). There are many significant changes*, including how to cite sources.

Note: During this transitional time, the Library and the Writing and Tutoring Center will provide both APA 6 and APA 7 support through Spring 2020, but we will be teaching only APA 7 beginning in Spring 2020, and this includes citation instruction in  LS 102.

*If you have never used APA citation you do not need to be overly attentive about how 7 is different from 6, but what you and everyone else needs to be aware of is that if you are asked to write using APA 7 and seek help on the Web, there is still A LOT of APA 6 out there. Stick to this guide, and the Purdue OWL.

What is APA?

What is APA Style?

APA style refers to the rules created by the American Psychological Association for formatting papers, use of language, presentation of data,... as well as for how to do in-text citations and end-of-paper citations (References). APA style is used primarily by authors in social sciences and health sciences, but is used widely in many TCC courses.

See the boxes on this page for details.

Features of APA

Video tutorial: Introduction to APA

Video Tutorial: Introduction to APA 7

Watch the video below for an introduction to using APA style, 7th edition. To see it in a larger window, click on the link below. This video tutorial was created by TCC librarians.

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