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TCC Library: Course reserves

Give your students more access

Do you have an extra copy of that expensive book you use in class? Put it on reserve!

Are there library items we can set aside for your students' use? Put them on reserve!

There are many great reasons to place items on reserve in the library. 

How to put items on reserve:

E-mail Anh Tran telling her, as applicable:

  • Instructor name(s)
  • Course name/section(s)
  • Title of the item(s)
  • How long to hold the reserve (Fall quarter; March 5th-27th; 2013-2014;...)
  • If you own the item:
    • how you will get it to us (in person, interoffice [to: Anh Tran - Library], other...
    • whether you want it back and how we should get it back to you

Call Anh Tran, 253-566-5088 or email with questions.

Request permission from the publisher

Individual faculty are responsible for obtaining permission from publishers for materials that do not comply with Fair Use. Items with labels such as Instructor’s Edition, Desk Copy, Examination Edition, Publisher’s Review Copy will be placed on reserve only after the individual faculty member obtains the publisher’s permission.

For more information, please visit our Copyright guide, linked below, which includes a section on how to obtain permission, including model permission letters and how to check copyright status of a work.

Reserve instructional materials early

It's always best to call or email at least 7 days in advance if you would like to put a library book/CD/DVD on reserve for student in-library use or for use in your classroom.

Important DVD policy change:

Effective February 2014, the TCC Library allows students to take DVDs home for 3 days. If you use DVDs as part of your instructional practice, please make sure to notify circulation at least 7 days in advance.


If you have a schedule in your syllabus that describes when you will use library media in the classroom, we would love to have it. That way we can schedule materials for you, well in advance.

Contact Anh Tran at 253-566-5088 or email.

Circulation & course reserves


Where are course reserves located?

Reserve materials are located behind the Front Desk in the TCC Library.

Course reserves

photograph of materials on course reserve

How are course reserves arranged?

Course reserve materials are arranged on shelves behind the Front Desk, in order by course name and number. Copies of articles are kept in folders at the Front Desk and also arranged by course name and number.

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