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TCC Library: Work with a faculty librarian

Library faculty teach

TCC faculty librarians:

  • teach credit bearing library and research skills courses
  • teach "one-shot" research skills classes tailor-made for your assignment citeria
  • teach one-on-one with students working on your research assignments at the Research Desk
  • create instructional materials designed for your research assignment needs
  • teach collaboratively and/or consult with course faculty who wish to assign research based writing assignments

TCC Library Instruction Program mission statement

The TCC Library Instruction Program provides timely and responsive academic support for students, faculty, and staff by teaching and promoting information literacy, collecting relevant materials in the most useful formats, and providing access to educational technology.

How do the library's program goals meet yours?

The following are the Library Program's learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be able to: 

1. Employ strategic processes of inquiry to guide and refine information needs and search strategies (IIT, COK). 

2. Select appropriate sources based upon information need and context (CRT, IIT, COK).

3. Use information ethically by citing sources in a standard citation style, with minimal errors (IIT, RES, COK).

4. Practice synthesizing information from more than one source into a new information product. (COM, CRT, IIT, ICD, RES, COK)

5. Demonstrate the effective use of electronic search strategies (IIT, COK). 

Each outcome is mapped to TCC's degree learning outcomes (DLOs), which can be found here:

Schedule a class with us

TCC's library faculty will teach with you to help your students practice information literacy skills that meet your course research and writing objectives.

Schedule a library research instruction session:

  • Our instruction schedule fills quickly, so make your requests early in the quarter.
  • Give library faculty at least 1 week advance notice so we can better meet your specific needs.
  • Describe what your goals are for the session.
  • Send us a copy of the assignment your students are working on.

How do you schedule a class? Fill out the online request form below:

Questions? Contact Heather Gillanders:

Need more info? See the attached library one-shot handout below:

Bringing your class to the library?

Teaching in the libraryWe welcome entire classes visiting the library to conduct independent research. Please let us know, at least a week in advance, so that we can provide you, your students, and other library patrons optimal service.

Contact Heather Gillanders to schedule a library research visit.

Contact your faculty librarians

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Faculty Librarians
Available online via email or chat

Consult with us

Thinking of including an assignment that requires the use of outside sources? Consult with a faculty librarian so that we can best support your students' needs. Check our Staff Directory, linked below, to contact us directly!

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